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Personal Loans with Bad Credit

One of the best ways to cover unexpected bills and other emergency costs is by taking out personal loans. With bad credit, however, you may find it hard to secure extra funds since most traditional lenders deny loan applications from people with low credit scores. At ElevationLoans, you won’t have to worry. We offer easy-to-qualify unsecured personal loans for those with bad credit.

Traditional lenders such as banks have their reasons for denying individuals with bad credit the personal loans they are applying for. One of these reasons is reliability.

Most people associate bad credit with a failure to keep up with past debts. Considering this, banks tend to see those with bad credit as risky investments as there is no assurance that they won’t fall behind on the loan they’re given. Hence, individuals applying for loans with bad credit are usually denied the funds they need. If they aren’t denied, those with bad credit may get loans with a higher interest rate that could damage their poor credit even more.

It’s important to note that not all people with bad credit have a history of late payments, cut credit cards, and unpaid debts. There are many other, uncontrollable reasons for getting a bad score.

For example:

  • No Credit History – Not having a credit history can give you bad credit as banks will have no way to assess your payment reliability.
  • Illness/Accidents – Medical emergencies can lead to decreased finances from lost work time, unpaid medical expenses, and legal altercations that can easily damage your score.
  • Divorce – Besides the legal fees involved in filing for divorce, some individuals find themselves paying even more than they can handle after the fact. Custody battles and child support obligations, for example, can get in the way of paying bills on time.
  • Death in the Family – As devastating as it is, a death in the family also means an increase in expenses. From medical bills to funeral costs, everything has to be covered by the surviving loved one, hampering his ability to pay for his usual fees.

No matter what your reason for having bad credit may be, we at ElevationLoans can help. As long as you have a stable income, you can qualify for our unsecured personal loans even with bad credit. Simply apply for a personal loan, and the cash you need can be in your checking account within 24 to 48 hours – fast and simple!

Don’t let bad credit prevent you from covering medical emergencies and other sudden financial needs. Let us at ElevationLoans help you take a personal loan even with your bad credit. Apply for unsecured loans in California today!



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